• Launched and developed a company that sends an email to users using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Made with’s Tequila API
  • Utilized Object-Oriented Programming
  • Gets cheap flight deals 75 flight locations around the world
  • Debugged and applied Exception Handling to prevent code from crashing for when there are no direct flights (E.g. There are no direct flights from London to Bali)

Vending Machine Computer Framework

  • Developed and designed a fully functioning backend vending machine program
  • Wrote in clean and maintainable code in Python
  • Implemented a GUI using TKinter for digital interface projection onto a touchscreen LCD
  • Constructed a banking system in Python to process U.S. Currency
  • Launched onto a VPS so the host server can deploy Python applications on website

Member Backwhen

  • Wrote a bot in Python to script a Spotify playlist from the top 100 Billboard Chart for any given past date
  • Used the “Spotipy” library to support the Client Authorization Code Flow for authenticating SpotifyOAuth
  • “Spotipy” (<- this is a link to Spotipy documentation)
  • Made with Spotify Web API
  • Client Credential flow is used in server-to-server authentication
  • Created support for different ID types using Spotify URI, Spotify URL, & Spotify ID


  • Programmed a French Language Course with Interactive Graphical User Interface
  • Utilized the pandas library for writing to csv files what material is learned and progress further into the curriculum

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